Contact and FAQ

Until when can I adjust my submission?

Submissions can still be adjusted until the submission deadline on 01 Juli. If your submission is included in the conference programme, you will also have the opportunity to update some of your texts.

In which language should I submit?

Presentations can be in German or English: Write your submission in the language of your presentation. 

When and where will OOP take place?

OOP 2025 will take place from 03.02. - 07.02.2025 at the ICM Munich.

When will I receive feedback on my submission?

We will try to give you feedback (notification of acceptance) on your submission by the end of August 2024.

Can I submit a proposal on behalf of someone else?

As a submitter, you have the option of submitting speakers other than yourself.

How many proposals may I submit?

There is no maximum number of submissions, but we aim to include each speaker in the conference programme only once.

I've never given a talk at a conference before, do I even stand a chance?

We also welcome newcomer talks and are ready to give you a chance on the big stage at OOP and support you in your preparation.

I would like to give a presentation at OOP, but I am not available on one of the three conference days. Can I affect the date and time of my talk?

Please note any restrictions regarding your availability within the framework of the OOP under "Comments" and we will take these into consideration during the preparation of the programme.

Your question still remains unanswered? Then please feel free to contact Fabian Helms or Stella Carstens:

Fabian Helms
Conference Manager
Phone: +49 (0)2241/2341-531
E-Mail: fabian.helms(at)

Stella Carstens
Conference Manager
Phone: +49 (0)2241/2341-503
E-Mail: stella.carstens(at)