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Die Konferenz für Software-Architektur
03. - 07. Februar 2020, München


Vortrag: Di 3.2
Datum: Di, 04.02.2020
Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 14:45

Entropy & Organizational Design – Three Examples

Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 14:45
Vortrag: Di 3.2


In 2020, software contains a lot of moving parts that all have their own ecosystems, tooling, and lifecycle.
How do you turn continuous, creative chaos into something you can run stock exchanges on?
What are the roles of automation, open standards and hybrid integration in this?
How do we build out the mindset, culture, and operational model for our one-way trip to The Unknown?
Let's look at three detailed examples of companies that radically transformed the way they build software and create & involve ecosystems.

Target Audience: Architects, Organizational Change Agents, Decision Makers
Prerequisites: None
Level: Introductory