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    Helena Holmström Olsson

    Malmö University


    Helena Holmström Olsson is a professor of Computer Science at Malmö University, Sweden and a senior researcher in Software Center (software-center.se). Her research interests and expertise include engineering aspects of AI systems, data driven development practices, digitalization and digital transformation, and software and business ecosystems. She is the supervisor of several PhD students in the area of data driven development and AI engineering, focusing in particular on the business and organizational implications of AI deployment, and she has a well-established and continuous collaboration with the European software-intensive embedded systems industry.
    Her research is published in high-quality software engineering journals and conferences and she is program chair for the “2nd International Conference on AI Engineering - Software Engineering for AI” (CAIN) 2023. Helena is a fellow member of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) and a board member of Malmö University, Sweden.


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    01. Februar 2024 - 18:30-20:00

    Ndo 1 - Nightschool