Contrast Security Ltd.


In a world of outdated, disconnected security tools that create friction, slow developers down and clog up the development pipeline, Contrast breaks through with a new unified approach that empowers security and development teams to get secure code moving seamlessly through the complete software development lifecycle, enabling their businesses to take full advantage of the fast-moving application economy.

How we do it

1. Empowering Developers to secure-as-they-code: Ignite a culture of secure-from-the-start and accelerate development release cycles by giving every developer the power to see risks and secure their code in real-time.

2. Empowering security and development teams to focus on the risks that matter: Increase application resilience without slowing your business down with more accurate risk intelligence to identify and eliminate the vulnerabilities that really matter.

3. Empowering security teams to remove friction across the entire software development lifecycle: Integrate security seamlessly across your software lifecycle and supply chain with a unified approach that simplifies, automates and protects from development to production

Our Technological Edge: Intelligent protection from the inside-out

Contrast transforms how businesses approach application security by embedding intelligent agents directly into the code, instrumenting applications with thousands of smart sensors that detect real vulnerabilities with game-changing accuracy and precision–left through the development pipeline and right into production, wherever your applications are deployed.


Website: www.contrastsecurity.com