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Submission deadline: July 04, 2022

Please submit your proposal(s) using the online form at: You will find all instructions in the online form. Presentations can be in German or English. Write your submission in the language of your presentation! All proposals must include the following detailed information for consideration(Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields) 

  • Information on Speaker(s)*: Name(s), Email(s) and Organization(s)
  • Title of Proposal*: (max. 100 characters, including spaces), titles with more than 100 characters are truncated
  • Short Abstract* (max. 550 characters, including spaces), abstracts with more than 550 characters are truncated
  • Extended Abstract (ca. 2000-2500 characters)
    When the proposal is included in the conference program, it will be published online with the short abstract
  • Target Audience* (max. 70 characters)
  • Prerequisites* (max. 70 characters)
  • Level* (Introductory, Practicing, Expert)
  • Session Style*
  • Projected learning outcomes / lessons learned for participant*
  • Process / mechanics (rough agenda of the session) 
  • Presented before?
  • Tags*
  • Familiarity of the Author with the Topic*
  • Biography*:
    - session with 1 speaker: 450 - max. 500 characters
    - Session with 2 speakers: each speaker max. 200 characters
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  • Remarks 

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