Finding the Right Balance!

The year 2023 is unique for the “world of OOP”. For the first time ever, we will be offering two OOP conferences in one year. This is OOP’s response to finding the right balance – making it (pandemic) safe with an online conference in winter and inviting to an additional onsite conference in summer.

As software architecture continues to evolve in today's world, the importance of finding the right balance for developing a system successfully cannot be overstated. Thus, the conference provides an opportunity for technical experts and leaders to come together to discuss the current state of software architecture (and beyond) and explore ways to achieve the best balance for everyone’s own needs. At the forefront of OOP is the promise of a comprehensive and immersive experience that will bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical applications of software architecture. Over the course of three days, the Summer-OOP will offer the opportunity to engage in sessions that explore the latest trends, advancements, and strategies in the field.

This year's program is sure to inspire and challenge those who attend with a variety of topics related to modern software architecture, ranging from best practices and design patterns to software engineering techniques, leadership, and innovation. You can look forward to interactive sessions led by respected experts. The program also includes a host of networking opportunities that allow connecting with peers (which we missed so badly during the pandemic) while deepening your knowledge of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The conference will feature keynotes from renowned experts, including Frank Buschmann and Kevlin Henney as well as Eva Wolfangel, awarded journalist, speaker, and author. These keynotes will provide new perspectives on the latest technological advancements in the field and insights into how to leverage them.

As we’re back in Munich, certainly, the city itself is also an exciting draw as it provides a unique blend of culture, history, artistry, music, food, and nightlife – not forgetting the renowned beer and beer gardens! So, you should definitely make time during your stay for exploring all these facets which have made Munich one of Europe’s most popular destinations over centuries until today!

The conference offers all technical experts and leaders the opportunity to deepen their expertise and share their own knowledge with peers. In short, at the summer OOP 2023 in Munich, you can discover something new every day!


Jutta Eckstein

Program Chair OOP 2023

As the program chair of the conference, Jutta Eckstein has the overall responsibility for the technical quality of the OOP conference. As an independent coach, consultant, and trainer she focuses on enabling agile development on the organizational level.