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The Conference for Software Architectures
Munich, 30 January - 03 February 2017

Integrating Everything

designed by Olaf Lewitz

Integration, in the words of neurobiologist Dan Siegel, means “honoring differences, promoting linkages”. As engineers we’ve applied this successfully to systems and software.  And we are getting better at automated, continuous integration of our software, while we are making little progress on continually integrating our organizations with our customers, or our business with our IT. We transfer our capabilities in integration to other areas that are relevant for successful for software development.

Integrate Everything offers odd connections: evolution and systems thinking, interpersonal debugging, organizational neurobiology, or maybe you are looking for an hour of discipline? Do you want to interconnect your developers and stakeholders – personally? We combine expertise of the domains of people, process, and product and bring ideas together in a new and inspiring way. Welcome!