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The Conference for Software Architectures
Munich, 30 January - 03 February 2017

Special Events auf der OOP 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

07.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m.

The ultimate informal IT Chat (German)

This year again we let 5 outstanding representatives of the IT business recall the most significant, stimulating and amusing messages out of the IT area.

Best entertainment is guaranteed when Nicolai Josuttis and his guests reflect our business with a tongue-in-cheek in a cosy atmosphere.

Starting 08.00 p.m.

Welcome Reception

“Casino Royale” is the slogan of the Welcome Reception in 2017. Enjoy different casino games like Black Jack and Roulette in an informal atmosphere with our sponsors, exhibitors and speakers.

In addition we offer finger food and drinks. Relax and network with your Casino Royale peers.

Music by: www.adrian-planitz.de and DJ Gallo

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 - Thursday, 02 February 2017


Specialist Forums in the Exhibition          Side Events in the Exhibition
The Agility Forum addresses agile topics in the frame-work of software development as well as experiences regarding the introduction of agile methods on a management level.
Like to bluff?
Not only during the Welcome Reception!Take the chance of playing a round of poker in the OOP exhibition area while learning some tricks and tips from a pro.

Big Data
The 2-day Forum will deal with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, MongoDB etc. Help us to achieve clarity in the debates about these new technologies and join in the debate sharing your day-to-day experiences.
Like Sushi?
This year again, we are going to spoil you with tasty sushi bites. You will be able to locate the sushi stall in the exhibition area.
Digitalisation Forum
Digitisation, Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things – these are some of the topics which are currently trending. But are these concepts really new? Or are they part of an insubstantial hype? Answers to these and other questions will be provided in this forum.
Fancy some Football?
Once again, OOP 2017 will give you the chance to play table-top football with like-minded people.
Testing & Quality
The Testing & Quality Forum provides a framework for discussions and information exchange on the latest technologies, methods and trends in the area of quality assurance for business IT systems.
Lounge Area
The lounge area invites to relax and creates a pleasant atmosphere, where you get the chance to make new contacts in your business sector. You are also able to charge your mobile device there.
Graphic Recording
Real-time graphic recording is a visual tool that can effectively support any processes where people share ideas, thoughts and information with each other. They are presenting, paying attention to what is happening and making notes in words and drawings using colorful markers on a large sheet of paper