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    Kurt Cotoaga


    Digitalization Evangelist, Business Agility Master and Scaled Agile Coach

    Kurt Cotoaga started as a research assistant using evolutionary algorithms to solve np-hard problems. Those fascinating problems are still unsolved ...
    His first pivot brought him into the product manager role for large online brokerage websites where he fooled himself and others into mixing up causality and correlation. It was a tough ride in the epicenter of the dot-com bubble burst ...
    Having been perpetually torn apart between trying to create business value and pretending to be predictable, he pivoted around 2005 towards agility as a survival kit. From projects via programs to portfolios via products - this finally worked!
    The last pivot beamed him into the consulting world, where he helps clients thrive in the digital age as a Business Value addicted Digitalization Evangelist or Enterprise Transformation Implementer.

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    06. Februar 2023 - 18:30-20:00

    Nmo 5 - Nightschool