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    Liad Bokovsky


    VP, Pre Sales Consulting

    Liad is a technologist that specialises in digital transformation and innovations. 
    For years he has been guiding and assisting organisations through their digital transformation journey. Enabling them to make the necessary changes needed when integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, with the goal of driving operational efficiency and value to customers, whilst supporting them through the technological and cultural changes. 

    With a strong background in networking and cybersecurity, having worked with service providers, Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies and top security vendors. 

    He has been helping companies, mostly technology startups and FinTechs, to understand the value of their digital assets and then pivot towards a strategy that will best allow them to innovate whilst maintaining security and control over their data. Liad is Vice President Pre-Sales Consulting at Axway.

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    07. Februar 2023 - 14:00-14:45

    Di 3.2 - Trends & Techniques