• Alexander Angelo Giurca
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    Alexander Angelo Giurca

    Untis GmbH | sinnvollFÜHREN GmbH

    Product Owner

    The one thing that Alexander Angelo Giurca enjoys most is when he sees that he can support individuals or teams to get one step further. He has done this since he started his professional career. His begin was building up a boutique consultancy focusing on unconventional business modelling and change formats for big corporations (mostly management teams) which helped them one step towards more innovation. Then he was in a consultant role focusing on executives, supporting them in product development. Now he is Product Owner at Untis GmbH for a 5 mio. users software that enables schools to run smoothly. And when he comes to OOP, he is in the solution-focused consultancy team at sinnvollFÜHREN GmbH. He also supports other product companies and leaders as a solution-focused coach and sparring partner and run Training from the BACK of the Room workshops as a certified trainer. He is really passionate about what he does and always very excited to share his knowhow!

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