OOP 2023 – Call for Proposals

The Conference for Software Architecture

OOP 2023, February 6 – 10, 2023
ICM – International Conference Center Munich, Germany 

“Finding the Right Balance”

We invite you to submit proposals. With five days of in-depth sessions on a variety of topics, we seek half-day tutorials (Mon), full-day tutorials (Mon & Fri), and regular sessions lasting 90, 60, or 45 minutes (Mon-Thu).

Your proposals should either be technical and oriented towards software architects or targeted at project leaders/decision-makers who work in an enterprise environment. The participants expect an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art in modern software engineering. The sessions should focus either on promising concepts for the future or on cutting-edge techniques that are suitable for practical use today. 

This year’s theme of OOP is Finding the Right Balance and we’ll explore the following questions: How much effort do we need to put into preserving vs innovating our systems? How much structure vs freedom is more helpful in which context? What kind of pre-definition is meaningful and what is meaningless? How can alignment and autonomy practically be combined – for e.g., technical or organizational decisions? Thus, in many aspects, it is key to find the right balance on a continuum.  

Instructions for submissions

(Submission deadline: July 4th, 2022)

Please submit your proposal(s) using the online form at:
You will find all instructions in the online form.
Presentations can be in German or English: Write your submission in the language of your presentation.  

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