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03. - 07. Februar 2020, München


Vortrag: Intel AI
Datum: Mi, 05.02.2020
Uhrzeit: 09:00 - 17:30

Intel® AI Developer Hands-On Workshop

Uhrzeit: 09:00 - 17:30
Vortrag: Intel AI



Wheter you're a developer looking to get started in AI or expand your AI skill set, attending an Intel® AI Developer Hands-On Workshop can make your next project a success. These free, hands-on workshops offer small-group training on Intel® hardware and software, guidance on the many open source tools available for AI development, an overview of real-world use cases, and the chance to have your questions answered by AI experts. You will have the opportunity to network with other developers from all industry branches to explore how AI can redefine your work.


Join us for a full day of news about AI on Intel to accelerate your AI journey from data to insights. We will present the latest developments in AI both ML and DL in areas like NLP and Image Recognition along with a number of hands-on demos, where you can experience for yourself the power of the Intel solutions in AI. Hear from Industry experts as they share their experience of working with Intel® technology in their AI projects.

Who should attend? AI engineers, application and cloud developers, Data Scientists, IT Decision Makers, and Educators.

What skills should you already have? To make best use of the event, you should have basic knowledge of ML/DL, Python and be familiar with some Linux commands.

What will you get out of the day? After the workshop you will be able to work on market ready AI solutions using Intel® architecture (SW and HW). You will be able to optimize your AI solution for performance and better cost efficiency.

09:00: Keynote: Accelerate your AI journey from data to insights

Hear how you can use the latest Intel® AI portfolio to transform huge amounts of data into valuable insights that can be applied in your journey to AI success.

Stephan Gillich, Director AI GTM EMEA, Intel Deutschland GmbH

09:30: Up Up and Away: How to use the latest Intel® Xeon® processors to give your AI applications a significant boost.

In this session we show how you can use the latest Intel® Xeon® processor - the Intel® Xeon® scalable processor 2nd generation -  to give a significant boost to your AI applications; lower your cloud costs; and benefit from the resulting improved power-performance ratio.

Stephen Blair-Chappell, Technical Director, Bayncore
Vojtech Cima, Technical Consultant, Bayncore

10:00: Up Up and Away: Hands-on lab - Part 1

In this hands-on lab we demonstrate basic steps for data preprocessing and training a simple image classification model on Intel® Xeon® processors. With the trained model we look at the topic of ‘Model Quantization’. We will use calibration tool to quantize the model to Int8 so we can utilize Intel® Deep Learning Boost (DLBoost) and then rerun the inference on the same dataset.

Sarosh Quraishi, Intel Corp.
Adel Chaibi, Intel Corp.

10:30: Break

11:00: Up Up and Away: Hands-on lab - Part 2

Continuation from Part 1 of the lab.

Stephen Blair-Chappell, Bayncore
Voitech Cima, Bayncore

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Guest Talk: Deploying Machine Learning at Petascale on Secure Large Scale HPC production systems with Containers

The ever-increasing need for computational power to train complex models to tackle “real world” scientific problems, requires High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to efficiently compute and scale complex models across thousands of nodes. In this presentation we describe the issues associated with the deployment of AI frameworks on secure HPC systems and how we successfully trained a 3D-GAN network with petaflop performance on a large scale HPC production system at LRZ (Leibniz Rechenzentrum).

David Brayford, senior HPC & AI scientist, LRZ/
Dr. Atanas Atanasov, HPC & AI Solution Architect, Intel Germany

14:15: The new Intel® Parallel Studio 2020: Its significance for Data Scientists and Machine Learning developers.

Now in its 12th year, the Intel® Parallel Studio is a suite of 10+ best-in-class tools and performance libraries which helps developers optimize code for the latest multicore and many core Intel® Architecture.  Learn how you can leverage the power of this tool suite in your AI / ML projects.

Stephen Blair-Chappell, Bayncore
Voitech Cima, Bayncore

14:45: The new Intel® Parallel Studio 2020:  Hands-on lab - Part 1

Learn how to use optimized Python** and Libraries, such as ScikitLearn, and the Intel® pyDAAL library to produce optimized classical Machine Learning code that run efficiently on Intel® Architecture. We also show how you can generate your own optimized Python** libraries to give spectacular performance.

Stephen Blair-Chappell, Bayncore
Voitech Cima, Bayncore

15:15: Break

15:45: The new Intel® Parallel Studio 2020: Hands-on lab - Part 2

Continuation from Part 1 of the lab.

Stephen Blair-Chappell, Bayncore
Voitech Cima Bayncore

16:45: AI Research at Intel: Training Multiscale CNN for Large Microscopy Image Classification in One Hour

“Intel® AI Research is pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence and Computing at every level, from atomic physics to data-center orchestration. We make big bets and take a systems view of AI: our research spans foundational work in machine learning algorithms and computer architecture to applied research in computer vision, autonomous driving, and distributed learning systems”

Adel Chaibi, Machine Learning specialist, Intel Corp.

17:30: Networking

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