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The Conference for Software Architecture
Munich, 03 - 07 February 2020


Alexander Zeh


Head of Design

Alexander Zeh is the Head of Design at Mendix, where he has joined in October 2018. Mendix is the fastest & easiest low-code platform used by businesses to develop mobile & web apps at scale. Prior to that, he has led cross-functional innovation consulting and digital transformation teams.
He believes that one of the core opportunities for design is to inject humanism into technology. Well designed products and services not only solve problems, they connect with people on a deeper level.
In 2019 his teams have successfully launched a fresh new brand and company website, created the brand identity and communication for the Mendix World event with nearly 4000 attendees and have designed industry leading product features for the Mendix 8 release.

Presentation timetable



06. February 2020 - 11:00-11:45

Do 5.2 - Into The Unknown:Where No Software Engineer Has Gone Before