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The Conference for Software Architecture
Munich, 03 - 07 February 2020

Warning: Foreign Exhibitor Index

As organizers of OOP 2020, we would like to bring to your attention that you may be contacted by a company called 'Expo-Guide', 'Event Fair' or 'International Fairs' inviting you to register for inclusion in a list of exhibitors. Unfortunately, this is what happened in the past years.

Please do not enter into any agreement with this company. This organisation is not trustworthy and has no business relationship with SIGS DATACOM whatsoever.

We regret that there is no legal means for us to prevent this dishonest request as the organisation is based in Costa Rica, Mexico, Slovakia or Uruguay. We would therefore like to reiterate that we urge you not to enter into any agreements with 'Expo-Guide', 'Event Fair' or 'International Fairs'.

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Please note:

- SIGS DATACOM GmbH dissociates itself completely from this company and its offer.

- SIGS DATACOM has never engaged International Fairs Directory or entered into any business relationship with the Company in any way.

- With SIGS DATACOM, you pay nothing for the entry in the list of exhibitors.

- The order forms for our trade fairs and services can only be obtained from our company, designed in the trade fair or company layout.