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Die Konferenz für Software-Architektur
21. - 25. Januar 2019, München

Re-Live der Keynotes vom Mittwoch, 23. Januar

Quantum Computing – a Revolution of Information Technology

Florian Neukart, Volkswagen Group

With the computers we use today, some of the most important problems will never be solved, among these simulated chemistry, drug discovery, transportation, and artificial intelligence. Practical quantum computers herald a new era in information technology, and it’s happening right now. Wedevelopers must be aware of it, understand why and when quantum computers are more powerful than classical computers, and develop knowledge about architectures, algorithms, and programming languages. It’s an exciting field, of which it is clear that despite the progress made, many hurdles still have to be taken. The audience will understand the potential of near-term quantum computers and learn about their strengths and weaknesses in the most practical way.

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Evolutionary Architecture and Governance: What's the Future Like?

Rebecca J. Parsons, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

The techniques of evolutionary architecture provide a mechanism for automating many of the governance activities performed by Enterprise Architects, and not just at the scale of static code analysis. This talk describes some of these approaches and the tools used, including discussions around communicating standards and handling exceptions. We then examine what governance can look like as techniques in AI and ML continue to advance.


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