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The Conference for Software Architectures

Munich, 01 - 05 February 2016


Talk: Di 4.3
Date: Tue, 02.02.2016
Time: 16:15 - 17:15

Patterns: My Journey, What I‘ve Learned and Continue to Learn

Time: 16:15 - 17:15
Talk: Di 4.3


Patterns arrived, for me, in 1994, as I stood in line, waiting to buy the Design Patterns. That book and the ideas and community that grew up around its message had a profound impact on my life. I will share what I have learned about patterns and about the domains I‘ve studied to capture “a solution to a problem in a context.” Patterns have changed the way I see the world. It‘s been a surprising journey and I hope to share some of that with you.

Target Audience: Architects, Developers, Project Leader, Manager, Decision Makers
Prerequisites: None
Level: Introductory

You will learn:
Understand how patterns can influence your work