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The Conference for Software Architectures

Munich, 01 - 05 February 2016



The Conference for Software Architectures

OOP –as Your Source of Trust– celebrates its 25th birthday! This is particularly outstanding given this fast moving industry. We want to take the opportunity and concentrate on the long-lasting general theme of the conference: Software meets Business.

Over a quarter of a century, OOP provides the platform for both technical and business professionals to update their knowledge and share their wisdom. Technical experts as i.e. architects, developers, requirements-engineers, or testers as well as technical managers and leaders gain an excellent view on the state-of-the-art of the interplay of software and business. As no other conference, OOP balances proven techniques and promising concepts and prepares this way everyone for current and future challenges.

We celebrate the anniversary with many outstanding sessions, tracks, and keynotes. As a foretaste, let’s look at the keynotes: Ward Cunningham, the creator of wikis explores with us the next big thing: Federated Wikis. Sascha Lobo (well-known from public TV) details the considerations when building a digital society. Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns enlighten us on fearlessly leading change. 

Several established and many new tracks cover the essentials of modern software development.  In each and every track you will find real nuggets, as there are for example:

  • Continuous Delivery with Docker
  • Lambda Architecture
  • Organizational Challenges of Microservices
  • Requirements-Engineering for Product Owners
  • Value Based Development
  • The Physics of Trust
  • Speeding up development with Microservices
  • Big Data Log Analytics as well as
  • Insights in the Agile Fluency® Model

Organizations like Tibco, E-Post, Fraunhofer, FZI, or RedHat will report from their experiences. International top-class speakers like Adrian Cockcroft, Kevlin Henney, Steve Holyer, Eoin Woods, or Andrea Provaglio will present their latest key findings. Additionally, we offer this year the Jubilee track (branded by Frank Buschmann) in order to honor the big birthday. In this track we reassess the key developments of the past – e.g. Ralph Johnson, co-inventor of Design Patterns on programming and modeling, James Grenning, co-author of the Agile Manifesto on agile development, or Richard Soley, CEO of the OMG on the impact of the consortium. Yet, the Jubilee track also envisions the future for the next decades by examining i.e. huge memory collections (Dave Thomas), live programming (Andrew Sorensen), or the simulation of architecture (Ralf Reussner).

During the week-long “party” –for celebrating OOP, the Agile Manifesto (15 years), and JavaSpektrum (20 years) – we emphasize the interaction and networking amongst all participants. Poker, Tabletop football or the OpenArena, where the latter encourages sharing experiences and thoughts with others, provide a perfect platform for doing so.

Come and celebrate with us!

Jutta Eckstein

Technical Chair OOP conference