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The Conference for Software Architecture
Munich, 03 - 07 February 2020


Talk: Mo 2
Date: Mon, 03.02.2020
Time: 10:00 - 17:00

High Tech Metrics For Low Tech Boards – How To Set Your Teams Free

Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Talk: Mo 2 - Full Day


Physical, low tech boards are central in early stage agile adoptions. The power of the physical experience yields astonishing results and is – together with the independence from centrally managed tools – an important enabler for change. But there comes a time when the need to evaluate the data exceeds the capabilities of low tech analytics. Instead of jumping onto a "big" solution, there are other ways to generate insights. This tutorial presents ways to integrate several open source solutions into the actual day-to-day activities of teams.

Participants need to have their own laptop (with a modern browser) to really get the takeaways from the session.

Maximum number of participants: 25

Target Audience: Agile Coaches, Team Leads, Managers with reporting and planning duties
Prerequisites: Some practical project experience. Willingness to actually code in a perhaps new language
Level: Practicing

Extended Abstract
In this tutorial we start by examining the different ways to collect data from everyday work, independently from the actual process. It could be Scrum, FDD, some individual process, a process governed by the Kanban Method or even a process without any name at all.
The notion that the means of production belong in the hands of the people who actually are doing the work is not new and in the context of knowledge-work metrics about the data of the team are an important means of production.
By using web-based and standalone software products that are usable without central administration we will create a working nucleus of a toolset that empowers teams to be in charge of their own statistics and clear up a lot of the discussions about speed of delivery, capacity and such.