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The Conference for Software Architecture
Munich, 03 - 07 February 2020


Talk: Mo 10
Date: Mon, 03.02.2020
Time: 14:00 - 17:00

DevOps Culture Simulation (With Lego And Chocolate Game)

Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Talk: Mo 10 - Half Day


This tutorial is ideally designed for DevOps leaders that are evaluating their approach to DevOps transformation, leading their organizations through the first steps in adopting DevOps practices, or noticing gaps left by “automation only” approach to DevOps. Gamified format, real-life examples, latest findings from the State of DevOps report and in-depth debriefing, make this unique simulation effective and fun. Join it to experience the benefits of cross-training, learn to eliminate silos, gain valuable and immediately applicable insights.

Maximum number of participants: 45

Target Audience: Decision Makers, Managers, Business Stakeholders
Prerequisites: Familiarity with Scrum framework is helpful, but not mandatory
Level: Introductory

Extended Abstract
The workshop is designed to be equally accessible to technical and non-technical audience alike. It brings together years of practical experience in IT, experiential learning models, elements of game design, Lego, Chocolate and facilitation with Liberating Structures.
Engaging, simple and powerful, this workshop is not to be missed.
What people say about this workshop:
"Game got people to realize (via actions) how much value there is in learning about what people in different groups do"
"Fun, Informative, Interactive – drove home important key real live problems" "Lots of fun, great energy and group dynamic. Tangible illustration of benefits of DevOps-> CI-> CD"
“Awesome training. Good to learn anything through games so that concepts will stay longer”
“Great game to clearly understand why DevOps is important”
“This simulation will be helpful in real life projects”
“Knowledge with fun”