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Vortrag: Mi 7.4
Datum: Mi, 05.02.2020
Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 18:00

Community Based Business Models

Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 18:00
Vortrag: Mi 7.4


The source of power in business is consumption – which tends to be exploited by business models so far. But what happens if an entrepreneur organizes a community of consumers so that it can exercise its power deliberately? This community can shape its offer and pull goods directly from suppliers which saves cost and risk while offering room for creativity. Fairness and transparency play a fundamental role. What is a real life example? How can I draft such a business model? What are risks and challenges? Please be invited to learn about all this.

Target Audience: Founders, Start-ups, Managers, Deciders
Prerequisites: None
Level: Introductory

Extended Abstract
Community based business models are attractive for entrepreneurs who like to serve a community rather than profit. In return she/he benefits from a lean cost structure, less risks and the participation of the community in shaping the offer.
A concrete example is the Premium-Cola Collective. It originates from a customer initiative which has failed initially and then decided to do business on its own. The way is ethical and stakeholder consensus driven – seemingly impossible in mainstream business. How did the offer evolve and what do stakeholders experience? You will gain some insight into this example.
Large scale community based business models would shift power away from profit driven institution to the source of power: consumer communities. But we won’t stay too long with the potential. We will look at the basic principles behind community based business models.
In a practical exercise we’ll apply these principles. First within a common organization e.g. for projects. Secondly we’ll draft a small business model for the market.