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03 - 05 July 2023


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Track: DevOps

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  • Mittwoch
12:00 - 12:45
Mi 2.2
DevOps Good and Bad Experience – and How it Relates to Culture
DevOps Good and Bad Experience – and How it Relates to Culture

At a big town hall, a manager mentions DevOps, how that can help our company, and that it is necessary to switch to DevOps as our leading culture/process. Simple, yes? But what often gets forgotten is what needs to be changed to succeed in that culture switch and the expectation that it is a journey. I will show you two teams in the same company with the same presentation and how they went completely different directions. What we have learned from that and what I can give you as advice.

Target Audience: Developers, Managers, Team Leads, Ops, Decision Makers, Project Leader
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of what DevOps is about
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
Why is it so hard to move to a DevOps culture? This a common question from managers as they already talked about the advantages and got positive feedback from the team. On the other hand, developers now think they must be full-stack developers and ops specialists but still earn a developer salary. Then there is the Ops team, who struggles with the outcome of the development teams and their new role in the process. Everybody else is confused by the word DevOps and starts to think it is a new position in the company (well, you find DevOps team leads and specialists on job platforms).

Changing a company to follow a DevOps-oriented culture is a big project and should be planned accordingly. You will have setbacks; the bigger the company, the longer it will take. If you understand that this is a journey and that you cannot simply copy another company's culture, then you are at the right starting point.

Whenever Sanjit Roopra could automate items and gets his hands on Ops-related topics, he would do that as he found it essential to bridge the two worlds. He was not that experienced or successful in the big company he worked for, so he switched to a Startup. There everything changed as he saw the possibilities of what DevOps could be – going back to a big company, he wanted to bring that knowledge back and underestimated the cultural aspect when many more people were involved.

Sanjit Roopra
Sanjit Roopra
Track: DevOps
Vortrag: Mi 2.2

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