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Although the Covid-pandemic has created some momentum especially regarding digitalization, it also paralyzed other efforts. However, in many perspectives waiting is not an option (anymore), acting is. 

Driving architectural decisions should never be rushed, yet, most of the decision can’t be waited out either. The same is true if we consider addressing technical debts or improving legacy systems. And certainly not forgetting the deeper problems, like for example, finally making progress on more diversity and inclusion or addressing the climate change challenge. In all circumstances, the foundation for acting now is to innovate by learning and experimenting continuously.

With all this in mind, at OOP 2022 we will explore the following questions: 

How do we deal with legacy systems today and prevent technical debts to accumulate? 

What kinds of experiments allow us to discover and shape both innovative and sustaining architectures, features, programming languages, or even organizational structures, ways of collaborating, and work environments? 

And how can we ensure diversity and inclusion now and take our societal responsibility serious?

The 14 track chairs have created insightful tracks that explore the answers to these questions with architecture being the main focus of the conference. Therefore, you will find tracks focusing on for example, Artificial Intelligence, Modern Software Architecture, Domain Driven Architecture, or DevOps. Exploring the program, you will also discover tracks concentrating for instance on Diversity & Inclusion, Social Integration, or the Fusion of IT and Society, where we inspect how the “new normal” might tip us into a society that enables us to trust people and improve collaboration.

I’m particularly looking forward to the new track concentrating on From Projects to Products, that examines how to align architecture and the organization for sustainable speed. For example, we will investigate in how architecting systems has to alter because efficient, ongoing updates to IT systems and services are a key success factor in competitive markets which means that change has to be continuous.

We are offering OOP as a platform particularly for technical experts, (project) managers, and leaders for gaining an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art in modern software engineering. In order to do so, we will focus on cutting edge techniques that have also proven to be successful in practical use.

OOP 2022 is still impacted by the pandemic. Even with last years’ experience of OOP Digital, things will be again different this time. Yet, I want to emphasize that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse but rather unique and special. 

Therefore, we’re happy that the wait is over. The Time is Now! Welcome to another unique OOP 2022!

Jutta Eckstein

Program Chair OOP 2022

As the program chair of the conference, Jutta Eckstein, has the overall responsibility for the technical quality of the OOP conference. As an independent coach, consultant and trainer she focuses on enabling agile development on the organizational level.