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Track: Diversity & Inclusion

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  • Dienstag
, (Dienstag, 01.Februar 2022)
14:00 - 14:45
Di 4.2
Creating Tech Workplaces Where Women Can Thrive
Creating Tech Workplaces Where Women Can Thrive

Women in technology leave the industry at a higher rate than any other profession. In her invited talk, Nicola Marsden draws on deep research into what women love about work and what they don’t. Together with Karen Holtzblatt, the visionary behind Contextual Design, she has developed a research-driven framework and best-practice interventions to achieve better retention and work life culture for women in technology. She presents the framework and looks at Scrum as an example in terms of challenges and benefits for women.

Target Audience: Managers, Decision Makers, Agile Coaches, Project Leaders, Developers
Prerequisites: Interest :-)
Level: Basic

Nicola Marsden is a professor of social informatics at Heilbronn University, Germany. She combines insights from psychology, software engineering, design research, and organizational behavior to improve collaboration and foster innovation in tech. Her research is based on a combination of experience in both academia and industry, often with a gender perspective. Her extensive work with tech companies uses a theory-based, practical perspective to design, implement, and manage innovation projects, change processes, training and development programs and strategic projects.
Nicola Marsden
Nicola Marsden

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