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  • Riccardo Mariti
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    Riccardo Mariti

    Riccardo's Restaurant

    Founder & CEO

    Riccardo Mariti is the Founder & CEO of Riccardo's Restaurant in London. He opened Riccardo's in 1995 and beginning in 2016 transitioned it to the ‘world's first scrum restaurant’. Using scrum, agile and mobius, Riccardo has pivoted his business model to measurably decrease staff overheads, decrease team member turnover while boosting team morale, customer satisfaction and profits. 
    Riccardo is a guest presenter at Harvard Business School’s intensive MBA program, and Riccardo’s Restaurant has become a showcase model for agile and innovation in a bricks and mortar business. Tesla, Bosch, 3m and EBRD European Bank of Reconstruction and Development have frequently visited the restaurant with senior management to see how the restaurant is run. 
    In 2020, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Riccardo converted the restaurant into a deli and launched within 5 hours of the initial announcement of lockdown, later creating a line of retail food products which are now offered nationwide by overnight courier service. He is also pursuing several other joint ventures directly related to the Chelsea restaurant. Riccardo also has a background in real estate investment, development and management. 

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