Eficode GmbH



Eficode is a leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement and building the future of software development across seven countries with more than 300 professionals in DevOps, and sustainable software development. An awarded Atlassian DevOps Partner of the Year 2019, Eficode has over 15-year experience in helping companies to perform better with their Atlassian tools through licensing, implementation, scaling, configuration, training and maintenance.

Eficode’s managed service, Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, provides centralized access control and real-time visibility of project status, quality, and performance, integrating over 40 of your preferred tools such as Atlassian stack, and open source systems like Jenkins and Kubernetes.

Website: http://www.eficode.com


Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 15, 80807 München