While the pandemic has generated momentum specifically with regard to digitization, it has caused paralysis in many other areas. Now is the time to stop being paralyzed and start acting.

The need for action does not mean "rushing into" architectural decisions, but neither does it mean "sitting out" them. The same applies to the dismantling of technical debt or the improvement of legacy systems. Not to be forgotten are also the deeper problems, such as finally achieving greater progress in diversification and inclusion or in addressing climate change. In all of these cases, the basis for rapid action is to provide for innovation through continuous learning and experimentation.

The 14 track chairs at OOP 2022 are designing tracks that lead to new insights. Here I would like to point out some new tracks, such as: Software Architecture Communication & Assessment, Product Development in Times of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence Now! Furthermore, we offer the following more technical-focused topics: C++ & Programming Embedded Systems and both Modern Software Architecture and Use Domain Driven Design Now! In addition, we don't want to ignore the less technical aspects such as Social Integration, Diversity & Inclusion, or Fusion: IT Future Society, in which we explore the "new normal" that may open up a society where people trust each other and work better together.

I'm particularly excited about the new track focused on From Projects to Products. Here we will explore how architectures and organizations can be aligned together to (re)act sustainably and quickly. For example, we will discuss how architectures need to change to meet the need for efficient and continuous updates of IT systems and services.

This year's OOP will once again provide a platform for technical experts, project managers and IT executives in particular to gain an excellent overview of the current state of modern software engineering. The focus is on innovative techniques that have also proven themselves in practice.

The wait is over. The Time is Now! Be there at OOP 2022!

Jutta Eckstein
Program Chair OOP Conference

As Program Chair, Jutta Eckstein has overall responsibility for the content quality of the OOP Conference. As an independent coach, consultant and trainer, she focuses on enabling agility at the enterprise level.