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Talk: Mi 6.2
Date: Wed, 07.02.2018
Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Multiple Selves?! Trust yourself & grow!

Time: 11:00 - 11:45
Talk: Mi 6.2


Mindfulness is well known for reducing stress. Did you know you can leverage it for so much more - e.g. to shape your leadership abilities?
I will guide you with the help of a validated psychological model how you can further grow and strengthen your personal leadership abilities. We will also make connections to where you are right now and which small techniques you can take away to integrate mindfulness directly in your daily (business) life to actually take the next step towards your best possible selv(es).

Target Audience: everyone - as leadership is an activity not a role
Prerequisites: just bring curiosity
Level: Practicing

Extended Abstract
In my B.Sc. thesis in psychology I did research on the topic of Mindful Leadership. One of the key results was (surprise!) that authentic, people-focused leadership starts with connecting to yourself and evolves with developing yourself continuously.
With this session I take one central model of the research and connect it to the practical work-life. During the 6 months of thesis work, this model influenced me most and made me reflect even on my own life from different angles. Also it integrated seamlessly in my tech-world shaped analytical thinking so I am really keen on sharing some of my personal stories together with the model itself with other “tech people”.