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21. - 25. Januar 2019, München


Justin Grant


Security Operations Director

Justin Grant serves as Security Operations Director for Managed Security Services (MSS) and delivers threat monitoring, intelligence, threat research, and Managed SIEM services to MSS’s customers worldwide. After nearly a decade at the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Grant re-joined IBM in late 2012 as a senior executive in the Managed Security Service business. While serving in a variety of technical, leadership, and strategic planning roles at the CIA, Mr. Grant managed and executed numerous cyber operations and complex programs against a wide range of targets of interest to the President and other senior policymakers. Mr. Grant began his career as a software engineer at IBM developing enterprise applications. Mr. Grant grew up in Atlanta and earned degrees in Computer Science and Religion from the University of Georgia. Mr. Grant enjoys spending time with his wife, Britt, and three children, Charles, Mary Elise, and Jack.