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21. - 25. Januar 2019, München


Vortrag: Nmi 3
Datum: Mi, 23.01.2019
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 20:00

Von Google lernen: Wenn Sicherheit eine Grundessenz ist

Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 20:00
Vortrag: Nmi 3


Erinnern Sie sich an Ihren letzten Flug? Das wichtigste kurz vor dem Start ist die Sicherheitseinweisung. Sicherheit steht an erster Stelle, bevor es daran geht den Flug zu genießen. Für die Zukunft unserer Unternehmen streben wir bahnbrechende Veränderungen an. Ist Sicherheit dabei ebenso Thema? Google zeigt in einem bekannten Forschungsprojekt, dass psychologische Sicherheit der bedeutendste Einflussfaktor für High-Performing Teams ist. Wenn High-Performance auch für Ihre Organisation wichtig ist, dann sind Sie in dieser Session richtig.

Zielpublikum: Führungskräfte, Change Agents, Coaches, im Grunde jeder
Voraussetzungen: Keine
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Fortgeschritten

Extended Abstract
Via their research publication Google made an already known fact more popular: potential growth and performance of an organization mainly depends upon psychological safety of those working inside the organization. A fresh approach for agile communities, Modern Agile, has made it to one of its main focus areas. It is about people, who feel their work matters, who have a voice. Future organizational development will mainly be confronted with disruptive change. Challenges ahead, which can not only be served by means of new methods. They key factor for driving successful change as an organization seems to be psychological safety, nurturing individual strength and collaborative working relations.
Hence this session will enable participants to understand their own position and status quo with regards to psychological safety of their organization, respective behavioral patterns, needs and conclusions to take away. We will provide deeper insights into the research via short impulse fragments and guide the audience through their own perception via metaphors, language and collaborative elements (partially triggered by means of Liberating Structures).
This is a format we use in variations during client engagement, where we try to move people away from plain methods & practices, from „what all has to be done“ to deeper understanding of needs and unmet needs, towards options and key elements for creating a system, instead of tweaking only single systemic elements independently.
The goal of the session is to create awareness for the organizational environment, culture, how this has an impact on people and how this can be brought further towards positive impact in meaningful ways for those involved. All of this focuses on driving out fear and growing more trust in organizations from a perspective of deep personal and interdependent understanding.