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05. - 09. Februar 2018, München


Vortrag: Nmo 4
Datum: Mo, 30.01.2017
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 20:00

Organisational Neurobiology and Fitness

Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 20:00
Vortrag: Nmo 4


New organisational development methods see organisations as living beings, organisms. We want to inspire our organisational work with recent learnings from neuroscience research and neurobiological exercises.
Organisations show patterns of stress, trauma, addiction. Successful improvement strategies are breathing, physical exercise, and play, to just name a few examples.
We will look at physical and mental exercises and discover with you how to apply them to the fitness of your organisation with Inspiration and fun.

Target Audience: Managers, Decision Makers, Agile Coaches, Project Leaders, Human Resource, Culture Hackers, Coaches.
Prerequisites: curiosity, experience working in and with organisations
Level: Practicing

Extended Abstract
When we - as organisational development specialists - read current literature about neurobiology research and treatment, we can't avoid recognising patterns we know.
With this session, we want to flip the coin: what happens when we take proven and understood exercises, healing and health improvement practices and apply them to the "organisational mind"?
Participants will get a fresh view on their own organisation as well as organisations in general, and learn how a shift in perspective gives them new opportunities for action.
We have specific ideas for some of the exercises, and are very open and curious about others. There is ample room for fresh discovery by the participants in the session and lots of experience we can share - we are aiming for a good mix, adapting to the needs and wants of people present.
Some of the nine domains of integration (taken from the book "Mindsight" by Dan Siegel) are (with some ideas on how to transfer them to the organisation):
1. Integration of consciousness
Making the unconscious conscious, raise your awareness. In an organisation: increase transparency, share data, visualise... expose the system to itself in any possible way.
2. Horizontal integration
Right and left hemisphere of the brain: logical, sequential, ordered, analytical, language and on the other hand creative, intuitive, messy, anecdotal, fractal, ...
3. Vertical integration
Mind and body integration. Thinking and doing. Movement. Breathing. Sensation. In an organisation: distributed cognition and decentralised decision making. Exercise (katas, dojos).
5. Narrative integration
Having a sense of authorship of your life. Writing your own story. Confidence, strong sense of identity. In an organisation: story telling - how we got here. who we are. how we show up.
To transfer those - after a brief explanation of each items - on a team or organisation has proven to be extremely insightful and inspirational in many workshops we did. We may seed the conversation, but mainly we will let participants come up with ideas.
How do organisations "eat" and digest change? We want to extend the "organic" metaphor and look at how organisations actually change. This builds on the integration theme of exercise one but focuses in more detail on changes like reorgs, digital/agile transformations and change initiatives of any kind.
The third exercise will move from nutrition to physical exercise. This is the most open of the parts - guiding participants to building ideas for action in their specific contexts. We will invite everyone to take home at least one new idea they can try at home next week - especially within their "rigid" enterprise environment.


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