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30. Januar - 03. Februar 2017


Vortrag: Mi 7.2
Datum: Mi, 27.06.2018
Uhrzeit: 10:45 - 12:00

BI-strategy as a product backlog - how to bring strategy to life?

Uhrzeit: 10:45 - 12:00
Vortrag: Mi 7.2


Past BI-strategies were often characterized by a lot of abstract paperwork, low end user acceptance and a great distance from actual implementation. Developing a BI-strategy for Mercedes Benz Cars in summer 2018, we wanted to go a different way.

We decided to use an agile approach both for the development and the representation of our BI-strategy.

Our TDWI presentation will give you an overview of our new approach and point out advantages compared to a traditional sequential approach.

Target Audience: IT-/Operations-/BI-strategists, managers and employees

Prerequisites: Familiarity with change management in the BI-context

Level: Advanced