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    Laveena Ramchandani


    Testing Manager

    The Tech world is ever growing, and Laveena Ramchandani has been working in Tech for 10 years now. She works in testing and quality assurance, a good mix of technical and business awareness role. Laveena has learned a lot through her career and looks forward to gaining more knowledge and at the same time inspires and spreads more Testing eminence around the world.
    Laveena Ramchandani is an experienced Software Testing Manager with a comprehensive understanding of tools available for software testing and analysis. She aims to provide valuable insights that have high technical aptitude and hopes to inspire others in the world through her work, blogs, podcasts and regularly speaks at events on data science models and other topics.

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    30. Januar 2024 - 09:45-10:30

    Di 3.1-2 - Trends & Techniques