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Track: Leadership

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, (Dienstag, 30.Januar 2024)
16:15 - 17:15
Di 4.3
Overcoming the EndBoss: From Start-up to Scale-up
Overcoming the EndBoss: From Start-up to Scale-up

A successful start-up was acquired and needed to scale to at least three times its size. Leadership, processes, tools and mindsets were not ready, nor aligned on how to make that transition. Through our work supporting them, the company changed, scaled and grew. The company did so well, that the leadership team eventually had the choice to leave, knowing their creation would thrive.

Target Audience: Leaders, Managers, Coaches, Decision Makers, CTO, Engineering Managers
Prerequisites: Basic Leadership experience
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
As the company was still on the brink of scaling up and the CTO was very hands on and in control, our primary mission was to take him out of the process.
Because as good as he was, he was only one person. Which doesn’t scale and he set himself up to be THE bottleneck in the system.
So how could we leverage his skills and know-how, without making him an even bigger bottleneck and at the same time empower the team?
The company was fast paced, releasing software several times per day. They were extremely customer focused and gaining traction in the market at a high speed.
When we joined, we also became part of the rave party, building, testing and shipping so quickly. It was exhilarating
The problem was that the CTO acted as a final safety check. We got hired to make this scaleable: How?

  • We identified the current situation, next steps and goals.
  • We made strategic hires.
  • We removed waste that kept us from our goal.
  • We showed progress through useful data.

We like to call this ”Overcoming The End Boss”. Together, we learned his weapons, his moves, his strategies and devised ways to master them.
Step-by-step, the team grew in numbers and so did the quality of their work. So much so that the CTO at some point told us ‘It’s the first time in the 4 years since creating this start-up, I had time to mow my lawn.’
That’s when we knew our job was done.
In this talk we’ll take you on our journey from Quality Audit to making ourselves redundant. Our wins, our failures & our learnings.

Beren Van Daele is a Freelance Quality Consultant with many years of experience in testing, training, coaching, product ownership and engineering management.
He invented TestSphere and RiskStorming.

Vernon Richards is a Quality Coach & Tester that loves helping orgs and teams understand the relationship between quality & testing to help them build better products and deliver more effective services.

Beren Van Daele, Vernon Richards
Beren Van Daele, Vernon Richards
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17:45 - 18:45
Di 4.4
Slicing Work – The Key to Unlocking Business Agility
Slicing Work – The Key to Unlocking Business Agility

This session will provide you with insights into the core skill of slicing work and how it is crucial to business agility. Using real-life scenarios, we'll explore the different dimensions of how slicing affects work, including ease of delegation, adapting scope, quality control, measuring and assessing progress, and improving using feedback.
This session will give you inspiration and practical tips for how to slice your projects differently.

Target Audience: Decision Makers, Managers, Project Leaders, Product Owners
Prerequisites: None
Level: Basic

Extended Abstract:
If you love to see and hear lots of real life examples that help you understand and communicate what agility in business is about, this session is for you.
Using real-life scenarios, we'll explore the different dimensions of slicing work, including delegation, scope, quality control, and feedback, and provide practical tips for how to do it effectively. We'll also examine how unpredictability can affect measuring progress and provide strategies to help you adapt. By the end of the session, you'll have a clear understanding of the art of slicing work and be able to apply it to your work for improved business agility.

Your Key Take-Aways:

  • Understanding how slicing work affects adaptability, delegation, quality control, responsibility, effectiveness, and tracking of progress
  • Learning several strategies to slice work that you can apply at your workplace
  • Inspiration from several real-life examples

Anton Skornyakov is an experienced Agile Coach and CST® with Scrum Alliance® based in Berlin. He has a rich history of entrepreneurship as a founder of multiple startups and has been a consultant for Lean Startup methodologies. Anton has been instrumental in assisting organizations of varying sizes and industries, such as those involved in building software, offering government grant programs and quality departments, in adopting and implementing Agile principles to solve complex challenges.

Anton Skornyakov
Anton Skornyakov
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, (Mittwoch, 31.Januar 2024)
11:00 - 11:45
Mi 4.2
Expand your horizon with R.A.N.T.-based Leadership
Expand your horizon with R.A.N.T.-based Leadership

Leaders should be passionate, think strategically and influence their people (a.k.a. followers).
How is that possible without empathy, self-consciousness & resiliency?
How is that possible without emotional literacy?
Spoiler: It isn’t!
But - god forbid - nobody wants to be labelled as “being emotional” at work, right?
Join me to leverage your emotional data as the true assets they are. Expand your horizon with serious psychological background and get some of my real-life rants on top for free (some of them I wish would better be fiction).

Target Audience: Developers, Architects, Managers of all flavours, Leaders of all kinds, curious human beings
Prerequisites: Curiosity and some work/project experience is beneficial
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
I have to confess, the "true rants" will only be a side dish in this session.
You also will be learning - mainly about R.A.N.T.-based leadership, of course:
RA - I’ll showcase why Relation & Acceptance is the core of sustainable leadership.
N - You will learn why 'the Now' matters that much - and how to leverage your presence as a (seasoned) leader.
T - Because in the end, we all want to get the things that matter done. Together! Don’t we?

Cosima Laube is an independent leadership coach & socio-technical consultant with broad domain experience (e.g. automotive, finance, healthcare, public sector).
Building on a strong foundation as developer & people lead in IT, she enhanced her portfolio with solid coaching skills (ICF-PCC) and a BSc. in Psychology.
Cosima is an introvert, a runner & passionate community "gardener" (involved in several Open Space events on Agile & Software Craft). Her credo is: respect & adapt to achieve more TOGETHER!

Cosima Laube
Cosima Laube
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14:30 - 15:30
Mi 4.3
Navigate from Transactional to Transformational Agile Leadership with a Dual Compass Approach
Navigate from Transactional to Transformational Agile Leadership with a Dual Compass Approach

The voyage from transactional to transformational management often appears as intricate as navigating the intermingling of rivers and the sea. In estuaries' shifting currents, represent challenges, especially at the management level, entrenched in orthodox practices.
A fusion of two perspectives was our compass. It allowed us to interpret the undercurrents of change, discern the underlying constraints and constructors, and evolve a smaller, productive team from a larger non-functional gathering of agile coaches.

Target Audience: Architects, Developers, Project Leader, Manager, Decision Makers
Prerequisites: Openness towards lean-agile paradigms and new ideas
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
In a world where business complexity is the new norm, the voyage from transactional to transformational management often appears as intricate as navigating the intermingling of rivers and the sea. This presentation offers a candid account of such a journey, steered by two diverse captains - an external 'hired gun' and an internal female coach - each lending a unique perspective to the transformational odyssey.
Diving into the deep waters of a highly customized SAFe transformation led by novices, our narrative begins in a domain adrift in a broader orthodox landscape. Bereft of an actionable vision and understanding of value streams, the task seemed daunting. Yet, armed with the principles of a 'learning organization' and lean-agile practices, we made headway at the team level.
But, like estuaries' shifting currents, our path was strewn with challenges, especially at the management level, entrenched in orthodox practices. The success we found came in surprising ways - liberating structures, team self-selection - hinting at a transformational undercurrent within the transactional tide.
Our unique pairing, a fusion of two perspectives, the male business-value-oriented external contractor view and the female internal Agile Coach with tons of experience from other companies, was our compass. It allowed us to interpret the undercurrents of change, discern the underlying constraints and constructors, and evolve a smaller, productive team from a larger non-functional gathering of agile coaches. Our distinct lenses, enriched by gender, background, and role diversity, empowered us to chart a path toward winning over the leadership.
Join us as we share this insightful journey, filled with lessons on harnessing the power of diversity in transforming orthodox management cultures into agile, learning organizations. Our narrative transcends our specific enterprise context to offer universal insights into the crucial paradigm shift to transformational management in digital transformations. Discover how you, too, can navigate the estuarine landscape of enterprise transformation, guided by the beacon of diversity, agile leadership, and a shared commitment to deliver business value.
In today's digital age, traditional management frameworks are increasingly insufficient to navigate the complexities of enterprise transformations. Agile leadership, combined with an understanding of transactional and transformational management, is not just beneficial - it's a necessity.
Our session, "Embracing Diversity in Enterprise Transformation: Navigating Change Through Estuarine Mapping and Agile Leadership", isn't just another tech talk or a repetition of known frameworks. It's a riveting journey through uncharted waters, guided by two different captains.
In a sea of sessions, ours stands out for its unique storytelling approach, applying the concept of Estuarine Mapping to understand the journey of transformation. We dissect a highly customized SAFe transformation, revealing the currents that steer the course of change and the guiding beacon that leads the way.
Our presentation is also an exploration of diversity - diversity in gender, roles, and experiences. Attendees get an intimate view of how different perspectives and skills converge and diverge, shaping the landscape of transformation and opening new channels of thought.
What You'll Take Away?
Attending our session will leave you with much more than just theoretical knowledge:
A New Lens: The application of Estuarine Mapping and Cynefin Framework in an enterprise context will provide a fresh perspective to view and understand organizational structures and transformations.
Diverse Insights: From the viewpoints of a male external consultant and a female internal coach, you'll gain unique insights into the challenges and triumphs of enterprise transformation.
Practical Strategies: Learn practical strategies to implement Agile Leadership and shift from transactional to transformational management, all backed by real-life examples.
Interactive Learning: Our presentation isn't a one-way street - you'll engage in discussions, exploring how these concepts can apply to your own use cases.
Inspiration: Hear a real-life success story highlighting the power of perseverance, innovation, and diversity in overcoming obstacles to change.
In a sea of options, choose a session that doesn't just teach - it inspires, challenges, and equips you to drive change in your organization. Choose a journey that ventures beyond the horizon of known waters into the uncharted depths of enterprise transformation.

Kurt Cotoaga began his career as a research assistant, utilizing evolutionary algorithms to tackle np-hard problems that continue to challenge researchers to this day. However, his passion for solving problems led him to pivot into a product management role for large online brokerage websites during the dot-com bubble burst. Despite the difficulties he faced, he learned valuable lessons about the importance of distinguishing causality from correlation.
His most recent pivot brought him into the consulting world, where he serves as a Business Value addicted Digitalization Evangelist and Enterprise Transformation Implementer. He consults, coaches, and helps clients thrive in the digital age, leveraging his extensive experience to drive long-term success.

Belgin Gülsen is a passionate Agile Coach and Scrum Master. Her expertise covers a wide spectrum: from agile, hybrid, and traditional project management to digital strategy, branding, and marketing. She has always focused on facilitating and supporting digital transformation.
In her role as an Agile coach, she has consistently found that developing people and shaping work culture is at the heart of what she does. She enjoys breaking through entrenched structures with new, agile working methods and accompanying both employees and the entire organization on this transformation journey. Connect. Empower. Build. Grow. - that is her motto, which she lives with all her passion and conviction.

Kurt Cotoaga, Belgin Gülsen
Kurt Cotoaga, Belgin Gülsen
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17:00 - 18:00
Mi 4.4
Agile Leadership in Action
Agile Leadership in Action

After years of contributions, there is still a disconnection at the boundary between the leadership development world and agility. On one side, there are proposals on the role of the leader. On the other side, “frameworks for scaling”.
Especially at scale, agile leadership is the art of integrating modern collaborative leadership concepts and sound emergent strategies for organisational development.
In this interactive session, we will discuss the overarching structure of agile leadership and how to apply it to your organisation effectively.

Target Audience: Leaders, Scrum Masters, Coaches
Prerequisites: Generic understanding of agility and leadership. Ideally experience in a leadership position
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract:
Agility and Leadership development: two parallel worlds that address one part of the problem each, but neither provides a holistic approach.
As part of our work on ScaleAgility, a framework-free set of principles for agile at scale, the authors have also developed a way to integrate the two disciplines: what does leadership do in practice? How can they combine the ideas proposed by leadership model X [add your preferred model here] and the need for an organisation to evolve healthy agile and collaborative structures?
In this interactive presentation, we will propose our concept for agile leadership at scale, indicating a concrete implementation path agnostic to a specific leadership development model or scaling framework. Yet, it gives pragmatic structural elements that will allow you to effectively implement a sound agile leadership concept or use it to “plug in” your preferred models.

Pierluigi Pugliese is active as Agile Coach, Systemic Consultant and Trainer. He has 30+ years of cross-sector experience in product development and streamlining complex international and multi-site projects, from consulting and coaching for top management to working with teams.
He regularly speaks at international conferences, especially focusing on large-scale and people aspects of agility.
Pierluigi is based in Munich, Germany and operates through his company Connexxo.


Simon John Roberts is an agile and leadership coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. He has used lightweight/agile methods since the late 1990s and works with organisations large and small to help them achieve better results by leveraging the power of self-organising teams. He has consulted for and led several large-scale agile transitions at DAX companies in Germany, is the author of several articles and speaks regularly at conferences on the subject of agile leadership. Simon holds an MBA specialising in Creativity, Innovation and Change from the Open University Business School.

Since 2005 Colin Bird is assisting organisations in many sectors to wrestle with the challenges of retaining agility as the scale of the challenge moves beyond a single team.

Pierluigi Pugliese, Simon John Roberts, Colin Bird
Pierluigi Pugliese, Simon John Roberts, Colin Bird
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, (Donnerstag, 01.Februar 2024)
11:00 - 11:45
Do 4.2
What if? Simulation in portfolio management and replacing estimation as a risk management strategy
What if? Simulation in portfolio management and replacing estimation as a risk management strategy

Managers and leaders worldwide struggle to decide between projects A, B, or both. Traditional estimation techniques fail because humans can't predict the future. This talk proposes a simulation-based approach inspired by investment strategies, industrial management, and poker playing. By leveraging AI, forecasting, and computing power, simulations offer a reliable and adaptable portfolio planning strategy. Rather than relying on human estimation, simulations streamline decision-making and provide reassurance.

Target Audience: Portfolio Managers, Product Leaders, CPO, CEO, CTO, Product Managers, Product Owners
Prerequisites: Beginner level probabilistic forecasting, familiarity with portfolio level decisions
Level: Basic

Extended Abstract:
Right now, around the world, managers and leaders are scratching their heads to try and answer the question “Should we take project A, B, or both?”. The techniques they are using, are woefully inadequate to answer their question because they rely on a skill humans don’t possess: predicting the future!
Estimation as a portfolio and risk management strategy relies on our ability to predict the future. But we don’t have that skill! What can we use instead then?
In this talk, we explore how we can learn from the world of investment (risk management), industrial management (process control), and poker playing (thinking in bets) to create a powerful simulation strategy that will streamline and reassure your portfolio planning team. Unlike humans, simulation can take as many ideas as you can throw at it, and can come up with the most likely winning scenarios quickly, repeatably, and is infinitely adaptable to future surprises.
Why rely on estimation when we can rely on AI, Forecasting, and the near-infinite computing power we have in even the most humble of spreadsheet programs?
Key Learnings

  • Basics of simulating portfolio decisions
  • Comparing simulation vs estimation for portfolio level decisions
  • Examples of simulation use in complex scenario assessment, with N >> 1 options for decision
  • How to effectively support decision making with simulation.

Vasco Duarte, a leading figure in the agile community, co-founded Agile Finland and hosts the popular Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast with over 10 million downloads. His book "NoEstimates" provides a unique approach to Agile, enhancing software development's sustainability and profitability. As a keynote speaker, he shares his expertise, empowering organizations to improve effectiveness, adaptability, and responsiveness. Vasco's contributions have reshaped the landscape of software development.

Daniel Vacanti is a 25-plus year software industry veteran who has spent most of his career focusing on Lean and Agile practices. In 2007, he helped to develop the Kanban as a strategy for knowledge work and managed the world’s first project implementation using Kanban that year. He has been conducting Lean-Agile training, coaching, and consulting ever since. In 2013 he founded ActionableAgileTM which provides industry-leading predictive analytics tools and services organizations that utilize Lean-Agile practices. In 2014 he published his book, “Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability”, which is the definitive guide to flow-based metrics and analytics. In 2017, he helped to develop the “Professional Scrum with Kanban” class with and in 2018 he published his second book, “When Will It Be Done?”. Most recently, Daniel co-founded whose aim is to create a safe, diverse, inclusive community to learn about Kanban.

Vasco Duarte, Daniel S. Vacanti
Vasco Duarte, Daniel S. Vacanti
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