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The Conference for Software Architecture
03 - 05 July 2023


  • Xin Yao
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    Xin Yao

    Sociotechnical architect and DDD evangelist

    Xin is a sociotechnical architect, DDD evangelist and independent consultant. She believes that a product, domain and teamoriented architecture is the super glue to bind multiple agile teams navigating toward a common horizon. She’s spearheaded
    large-scale change initiatives in boundary-spanning architect roles, weaving together strategy, products, teams, systems, domains into coherent models to guide progress and reduce stress. She architects collective experiences in scale-ups and enterprises to unravel complexity and discover leverage points. In sociotechnical environments where a team’s cognitive capacity is under constant stress, she practices domain-driven design and facilitates collaborative modeling to help teams and organizations make sense, make decisions and make intuitive business software.

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    05. July 2023 - 14:15-15:15

    Mi 3.3 - DDD