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    Gabrielle Benefield



    Gabrielle Benefield founder of Mobius (Mobiusloop.com) is an advocate for purposeful innovation helping enterprises create innovation ecosystems to adapt to complexity and a rapidly changing future. Gabrielle adopted Agile and Lean thinking in the 90’s dotcom boom in Silicon Valley to successfully lead teams, including taking a scale-up reaching exponential 10x growth in a year and a robust Initial Public Offering, then spearheading one of the largest Agile enterprise transformations - scaling up to 250+ teams across three continents.

    Since developing the earliest inception of Mobius in 2009 Mobius has helped individuals and organizations including Red Hat, World bank, American Express, World Health, Santander bank, US navy, Unicef solve complex problems in a transformational way. We work with scale-ups to large enterprises with over $73B in revenue, and diverse market sectors ranging from automotive, financial services, insurance, aerospace and healthcare.

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    03. Februar 2022 - 12:00-12:45

    KeyDo 1 - Keynote

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    02. Februar 2022 - 12:00-12:45

    KeyMi 1 -