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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


Technical Excellence

Time:17:45 - 18:45
Session: Di 7.4

Technical excellence is more than two week sprints, burn-down charts and daily stand-up meetings. The basic rules of Agile or Scrum are not an end in themselves, but rather a staring point that allow and encourage teams to adopt, adapt, and refine their craft. Agile is not a micro-management approach. It is a framework for continuous improvement. Business and technical people alike need to strive for technical excellence. In this talk we’ll look at why the technical practices of Agile can help you and your organization be great.

Target Audience: Architects, Developers, Project Leader, Manager, Decision Makers
Prerequisites: Familiar with Agile and Scrum concepts
Level: Practicing

You will learn:
1) You want to know why you should bother with TDD, refactoring, CI, SOLID design
2) You want to help your organization become aware of the benefits of Agile technical practices (Management-> dev or Dev -> Management