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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


Leadership for Agile Transformation

Time:09:00 - 16:00
Session: Fr 4

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will discover and discuss the impact of their own leadership style in agile and agile-to-be organizations. We will reflect and shape our own values and goals in order to inspire and excel in rapidly evolving environments. This workshop is not only for leaders or leaders-to-be but any person that is working in an agile context.

Target Audience: (junior) managers and decision makers, anyone working with or interested in agile methods
Prerequisites: basic understanding of agile methods 
Level: Practicing

Maximum number of participants: 14

You will learn:
- become better at understanding people dynamics in agile teams
- improve your colleagues and your own performance becoming a better leader

Extended Abstract:
This is not your everyday, powerpoint-stuffed more-lecture-than-workshop. In this session the participants will be taken outside their comfort zone to reflect and assess their individual behaviour. It will also contain a strong networking aspect that allows lessons learned to be carried over and assessed in their everyday work. While not being a technical topic, there will be a clear connection to agile methods that distincts this workshop from similar leadership sessions.