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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


Evidence-Based Management

Time:11:00 - 11:45
Session: Do 6.2

Organizations thriving on software depend on the VALUE they are able deliver with their software products and services. If no evidence is gathered about VALUE, informed management decisions to maximize it cannot be made. Enter the need of evidence-based decision-making in the managerial domain of software development. Gunther Verheyen, directing the Professional Series at Scrum.org and partner of Ken Schwaber, looks at the state of agile through the lens of ‘Evidence-Based Management’, and elaborates on its application for software organizations.

Target Audience: Decision makers, leaders, managers looking to reground themselves in a context of ‚agile‘.
Prerequisites: English language 
Level: Expert

You will learn:
• Participants will be challenged on their understanding of agile, and the purpose of agile at a business and management level.
• Participants will be challenged to shift their focus from how the development work is done, to the outcome of the work, and its impact on the market.
• Participants will get an insight into a possible future of agile, the future of agile in its next decade of existence.

Extended Abstract:
During the first decade of agile, its adoption has grown incredibly. But the dependence of businesses and society on software has increased even more. Software is eating the world.
The survival and prosperity of many people and organizations depend on software. Complexity and unpredictability continue to increase. Yet, many organizations are stuck with old thinking like productivity, performance and blindly pushing more requirements out to the market. The focus of managing has not shifted to optimizing the VALUE that the software brings to the organization. The urgency to do so grows.
The agile movement has left the act of managing largely unaddressed or -at least- under-focused. The agile values and spirit are more needed than ever, but it's time to include management in the empirical thinking.
Gunther Verheyen directs the Professional Series at Scrum.org and is a partner of Ken Schwaber, Scrum co-creator. Gunther and Ken have developed a view on management in an agile context, "Evidence-Based Management" (EBM).
EBM has its roots in medical practice and promotes evidence-based decision-making in the managerial domain of software.
In his presentation Gunther will look at the state of agile through the lens of EBM, and introduce how to apply its principles in a context of software.
If no evidence is collected on the value of software, informed management decisions to maximize it cannot be made. Software development deserves a professional way of managing, a way of managing that is more than mere intuition, opinion and position.