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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


Dreaming – How Business Intent Drives Your Agile Initiatives

Time:09:00 - 10:30
Session: Di 6.1

Bringing a project from inception to completion is a non-linear journey that takes at least three key elements: intent, structure and action. Turns out that these can also be used as a model to understand the dynamics, processes, artifacts and roles in an Agile team or company. In this interactive session you‘ll see how these elements are active in Agile teams and how they relate to generating value. You‘ll also practice a few ways to bring more alignment to a shared goal on the different organizational levels of your team or company.

Target Audience: Agile team leaders, product owners, managers
Prerequisites: Solid experience in leading/managing Agile software development teams
Level: Expert

You will learn:
* As a leader, help your team to connect to the intent and vision of your business initiative and be part of it
* Invigorate product development and innovation in your team and company
* Appreciate iterative, Agile software development as a framework to proactively generate business value and reach a shared goal