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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


De-Scale Your Organization!

Time:11:00 - 11:45
Session: Mi 6.2

Stop trying to scale agile, de-scale your organization! Allow your people have more options to deliver value. We model our organisations based on out-dated thinking. In contrast to engineers and architects, we are not constrained by physical boundaries. We build software! We limit our potential by using the wrong mental models. The scaling challenges we face are results of a broken paradigm. I offer a new way to look at it, which is the original intent of Scrum as I understand it. A provocative talk and a hopefully controversial conversation.

Target Audience: Managers, Architects, Developers, Decision Makers, Leaders on all levels
Prerequisites: An open mind 
Level: Practicing

You will learn:
• Question the metaphors we use to think about software.
• Re-base and challenge the currently prevalent thinking what "being agile" means for a whole organization.
• Authenticity and Attachment: How those two compete in helping us survive.

Extended Abstract:
I want to start a conversation that is overdue. I won't offer a new solution to our scaling challenges. I want to call out the broken paradigm that I perceive to be the reason we're having these challenges. And we don't even need a new paradigm: it's the one that kicked of the agile movement.
I'll start by focusing on the manifesto. All four value statements repeat the same need: to work effectively, human beings need authentic and honest communication.
Typical enterprises have a strong culture of lying. Creating the right kind of lie to look good, to make sure we don't get blamed, to follow some rule although it's clear we don't create value... Coercive systems create all sorts of drama, and waste. In most code I've seen in my life I could easily see the pain and lack of safety of the people creating it. As Conway said: a complex, bureaucratic organization can only deliver a complex, bureaucratic system.
I want to provoke in a helpful way. I will offer an unusual, fresh perspective on software and organisational development.
Scrum is designed to remove models, to break rules, not to be warped to fit them. It's a means to find out what doesn't help in a system and experiment with alternatives. Scrum allows you to de-scale your organisation with a focus on the only asset that will ever produce value: your people. You will learn something about humans, human organisations, and what you've never been told before about Scrum.
I will offer ideas to think and talk about, and some inspirations to put into practice.