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Building Reliable Environments

München, 26. - 30. Januar 2015


RESPONSIBILITY: Building Reliable Environments

Responsibility can’t be given,  it can only be taken. Therefore, it is our own responsibility to ensure a reliable environment – both socially and technically. Reliable means for instance, that colleagues are enabled to do the right thing, the thing that is necessary for a successful collaboration and product development (although this thing might oppose to the individual agreement of objectives). Yet reliable as well in the technical sense, that is developing user-friendly, fault-tolerant systems and/or systems that ad-here to safety-critical requirements. Technologies like Big Data, Cloud, or the Internet of Things increase the complexity, which makes taking this responsibility harder and harder. During this year’s conference we want to discuss from different points of view how to cope with this responsibility.

For many years, OOP has become the meeting point mainly for software & system architects and  (technical) project managers who work in the enterprise environment. We will discuss both –  promising concepts for the future and cutting edge techniques that have already proven – or still will  have to prove– to be successful in practical use. This year’s conference provides excellent and inspiring keynotes: Bill Liao (entrepreneur and co-founder of Xing) talks about our responsibility to inspire the future IT-experts, YK Chen offers specifics of the challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Things, Yvonne Hofstetter (a frequent interview partner for press and TV journalists) gives us an eye-opener on the social responsibility Big Data requires, and Robert C. Martin (better known as Uncle Bob) explains how to build reliable architectures despite or because of agile development. In his keynote, Tom DeMarco provides a context for the most difficult decisions you will ever need to make over the course of a career. Several established and many new tracks cover the essentials of modern software development.

All tracks provide real gems:

• as there are for example Architecting for Continuous Delivery

• Ad hoc Analysis for Big Data in Practice

• Evaluation of Internal and External Architectural Quality

• Architectures based on Micro Services

• Desing Thinking for your Organization

• Agile Contracting from the lawyer’s point of view

• Management 3.0

• Test-driven Development for Embedded C

Organizations like Cisco, Capgemini, AutoScout, CreditSuisse, Allianz, Otto, or E-Post will report

from their experiences. International first-class speakers like Ken Power, Rachel Davies, Doug Schmidt, Scott Ambler, James Grenning, or Gunter Dueck will present their latest findings.

This year, in addition to the regular presentations, we will record selected Keynotes and English-speaking tracks with the visual tool “Real-Time Graphic Recording”. This technique can effectively support any process where people share ideas, thoughts and information with each other. It will be presented by making notes in words and drawings using colourful markers on a large sheet of paper. Study the program carefully you will discover you can’t miss OOP 2015!

Once again, we want to emphasize the interaction and networking amongst all participants. Poker, Tabletop football or the lounge area, where the latter encourages delving deeper into subjects and sharing experiences with others, provide a perfect platform for doing so.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you at the conference!

Jutta Eckstein,
Technical Chair OOP Conference

As the technical chair of the conference, Jutta Eckstein, has the overall responsibility for the technical quality of the OOP conference. As an independent coach, consultant and trainer she focuses on enabling agile development on the organizational level