SIGS DATACOM Fachinformationen für IT-Professionals


The Program Committee is a panel of 10 expert consultants, assisted by 64 reviewers, examines all presentations thoroughly before deciding which speakers and topics will be included in the OOP programme.

Jutta Eckstein
"Trends & Techniques"

Frank Buschmann
"Software Architecture"

Stefan Tilkov
"Re-architecting Legacy Software"

Nicolai Josuttis
"Enterprise Architecture"

Thorsten Janning
"Managing Complex IT Projects & Products"

Olaf Lewitz
"Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills"

Susanne Mühlbauer
"Requirements Engineering"

Peter Zimmerer
"Testing & Quality"

Bernd Kolb

Marc Bless
"Agile, Lean, Scrum & Kanban"