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Managing Today's Challenges

München, 03. - 07. Februar 2014


Your Retrospectives Suck!

Uhrzeit:17:00 - 18:00
Vortrag: Do 4.4

Retrospectives can be wonderful and creative meetings helping a person, team or other group of people to reflect their past and decide on the next steps they want to do, to become a even better team or person. Unfortunately, still many of the retrospectives that are done suck. They are boring, ineffective and have no bigger impact. This presentation covers the most important pitfalls, that prevent you to benefit from retrospectives and offers possible solutions. At the end you'll have some new ideas you can put into your retrospective toolbox.

Target Audience: Developer, Architects, Project Leader, Manager, Scrum Master, Facilitator
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about agile and retrospectives
Level: Practicing

You will learn:
1) New ideas and techniques for your retrospective toolbox
2) Learning how to use ideas from complexity theory and system thinking in your retrospective
3) Learn how to give your retrospective a purpose and make a real impact.