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Managing Today's Challenges

München, 03. - 07. Februar 2014


Software Design in the 21st Century

Uhrzeit:15:45 - 16:30
Vortrag: KeyDo2

Martin Fowler returns to OOP but although his talk always has the same title, its topics always vary. Martin will give a Suite of Talks on topics that capture his interest and fits our gathering in Bavaria. We don‘t know exactly which ones he will pick, but his recent topics have included deal with non-deterministic tests, NoSQL databases, the essence of agile software development, the economic justification for software design, the agile fluency model, and event sourced architectures. Ply him with beer and suggest which talks he should give. 

You will learn:
learn about patterns, refactoring and XP

Extended abstract:
In the last decade or so we've seen a number of new ideas added to the mix to help us effectively design our software. Patterns help us capture the solutions and rationale for using them. Refactoring allows us to alter the design of a system after the code is written. Agile methods, in particular Extreme Programming, give us a highly iterative and evolutionary approach which is particularly well suited to changing requirements and environments. Martin Fowler has been a leading voice in these techniques and will give a suite of short talks featuring various aspects about his recent thinking about how these and other developments affect our software development.